Homage to Madrid through 270 architecture projects that are currently ‘on pause’, drawing attention to the sometimes inconsistent and unclear nature of architecture & design which is mostly placed on an abstract waiting room.
Exhibition Design Installation


The exhibition space was contained in a one-room box made of pine wood, which was surrounded by 1000 wooden folding chairs. No information was given on the exterior as per what guests would encounter inside. Instead, there was a light sign with and abstract figure.

Upon entry into the ‘box’ visitors were confronted by a library of boks with photos and information about projects on pause. Some of the projects were featured twice in the room, which contained a ‘cementery’ of 500 books in total.

The books had a number of blanck pages inside that are intended to be filled in the future. Some of them also stated the reason why the projects, which are both public and private are on hold. The detailed information about each project was printed at the back of each volume.

Inside in room, a voice narrated the typeology of the projects included, such as “…five hotel towers, three pubic schools, two housing blocks, a sport center….” Etc. The sound is considered as a material, constant, creates an invisible structre.

A heavy fog also lingered to effect visibility. A waiting room for projects to explain the unclear future of all this library of ideas can not be clear, needs to be foggy as their upcoming reality. Also it adds a certain level of intimacy.

The floor was covered by a black & white print of a classic carpet. The ceiling was a lycra stretched surface screen to give a constant light and endless space to the room.

General Martinez Campos 47, 28010 
16 de Septiembre 66, 06000